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Back from the Future Insights Live in Las Vegas

I had a blast at Future Insights Live in Vegas this week where I led a 1-day workshop on Building a Modular Front-end Application and gave a talk about Optimizing for Change (by using modular architectures).

The event was a great mix of content and people, excellently curated and executed. Big props to Sarah Robinson and Ellie Robinson who produced the conference.

Happy to have gotten to hang out with a bunch of really great people, such as Jonathan Stark, Hiten Shah (founder of KissMetrics and CrazyEgg), and seeing some friends from previous conferences like Scott Jenson.

Biggest takeaways:

  • From Hiten’s talk: Measure things, test things. So you can discover what actually works instead of blindly publishing things.

  • The Physical Web stuff that Scott is working on at Google is really awesome and is still going strong: https://google.github.io/physical-web/
  • From Jonathan’s keynote: