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My Buzz Feedback

I just submitted feedback to Google regarding Buzz. Here’s what I said, if you agree, please do the same:

I’m a fan of Buzz so far. One request though:

If I follow a user with a lot of followers such as Seesmic founder Loic Lemur, they will inevitably get tons of comments on their posts. I don’t want them at the top of my list just because anybody has commented on their post. I just end up seeing the same Buzz post over and over again at the top. That’s too much noise and is not helpful.

I don’t think they should end up at the top of the list unless I’m part of the comment stream. Until that changes it will be hard for Buzz to replace Twitter for me.

I also included this screenshot. I really don’t care about 62 people saying hi to Loic. No reason to put it at the top. Sorry Google, please change this!

Buzz screenshot