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Hi, I’m Henrik Joreteg

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I’m currently sitting alone by a fire pit on an empty beach at 1:46 AM. Waves are beating the shore behind me.

It’s just me, my thoughts, and this crazy little device that lets me publish my silly contemplative thoughts for anyone in the world (who cares to) to read. So here we go…

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking our thoughts are the ones that matter most and that others should care about them because they’re somehow special or unique. But really, I’m no more peculiar than one of these grains of sand my toes are buried in. Even if I were “one in a million”, with nearly 7 billion humans on the planet there are 7000 people just like me, who are alive this second and are having thoughts just like mine.

Despite all of this, I have thoughts that matter. Not because I’m special, but because these are the thoughts that determine my sense of self-worth. Thus, despite their arguable insignificance in the eyes of the world, these thoughts end up mattering a great deal. They have a multiplying effect because they determine how I treat each and every person I come in contact with.

So, for the record, and as a bit of a thought exercise, these are the things I know about myself:

1. I am blessed. In that my imperfections are covered by the Grace of my Savior and the forgiveness and love extended to me by my friends and family. To me, there is no greater blessing than this.

2. I am rich. In that I come home every day to my wife and daughter who are the loves of my life. Also, in that I have many people in my life who continually teach me the meaning of love and generosity. To me, there are no greater riches than these.

3. I am happy. In that to the very core of my being I know the items above to be true. To me, there is no greater joy.

These are the things I know.