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Finding the Balance

It’s not simple. I have a tendency to overwork myself to the point where my work becomes ineffective. It is typically better for me to take a short break and start again thank to just keep pushing. If it were not for my awesome wife reminding me to stop…I’d work from 7am to midnight every day.

Sometimes you have to stop long enough to remember why you’re working. It’s great that I enjoy my work. But when my balance is off I become too one-dimensional. The interesting thing is that the imbalance ultimately hurts my business. Being too focused mitigates my creativity, makes me far less personable, and severely limits my social life.

If you look at that list you realize that each of those qualities are essential for operating a business:

Creativity - Essential for innovation.

Being Personable - Business is about personal connections.

Social Life - Meeting new people expands your vision and exposes you to people with talents and knowledge that could help you in your business life.

I’m not saying that you the only reason you take a break is to help your business. I just think it’s cool that it ends up working that way.

Without finding that balance, you’ve got nothing worth working for.