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A High-tech President?

Although I consider myself a political conservative the geek inside me is impressed the apparent tech-savvyness of President-Elect Barack Obama. This is one huge benefit of a relatively young president. I’m excited to see signs that the Obama administration is using technology to interact with the populous.

Within days of being elected, Obama’s team launched http://www.change.gov with a blog and updates about plans and ideas. The site includes something they call the Citizens Briefing Book where anybody with an idea can contribute. Granted, mechanisms like this have existed before (remember snail mail?) but I’ve gotta admit that it sure is nice to see a president who’s not completely out-of-the-loop when it comes to technology.

As far as what will actually happen with all this talk of change, that is left to be seen.

UPDATE Change.gov has been shut down and the presidential website has undergone a makeover. Check it out at whitehouse.gov.