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PPK on iPhone and mobile web testing

We web developers are doing an amazingly lousy job right now. We have to start serious mobile testing instead of just playing around with our iPhone for a few minutes before declaring our site fit for mobile.

Supporting all browsers is the whole f*ing point of being a good web developer, and I’m going to force you to do it even if I have to personally swear at each of you individually.

This is from an article on QuirksMode about how we developers are treating the iPhone web browser much like IE6 when it first came out. We can’t treat it like it’s the only compatibility check necessary. It’s something I’m personally a bit guilty of. Let’s not go down that road again, the web is open by nature. Let’s not pigeonhole ourselves by overly emphasizing one browser.

The full article is here (lots of less-than-clean language, but he’s making a solid point): http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2010/02/the_iphone_obse.html