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No Shortcuts

The best things in life are not simple to explain. Even if you’re able to summarize a “best thing” in a short sentence, the full reasoning behind it is likely far more nuanced. For example, if you’re fortunate enough to be married to someone whom you feel is the best thing in your life, you may say: “my spouse is the best thing, because they make me a better person.”

While this may be true, if pressed on how they make you a better person, you’d probably start telling stories that support your point. You’d need a book to do it justice.

Also, whatever the best thing is, it likely wasn’t so when it first entered your life. In the case of the spouse, they were not the best thing in your life on the day you met them. Over time, they grew to become that as you invested more and more of yourself, your heart, your passion and your time into that person and they did the same. It happened incrementally.

I’d go as far as to say that the very nature of “best things” is that they obtained that status over a long time of ongoing investment and incremental improvement.

If that’s true, then by definition, there really are no shortcuts to the best things in life. Shortcuts are inherently valueless and chasing them is a waste of precious time.

Instead, invest steadily in the things that matter most.