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The next adventure awaits

It’s official, next Monday (Aug 24, 2015) my five and a half year tenure at &yet is over (Gulp!).

What’s wrong? What happened?!

Nothing. Seriously. It’s just been five and a half years and it feels like its time for new adventures.

Things are and will continue to be great at &yet, with lots of interesting clients, lots of cool stuff coming up and I will always highly recommend them as a consulting company.

I’ve had an amazing time at &yet and have very ambivalent feelings about quitting because I <3 my teammates and we’ve had some incredible, experiences together that are nothing short of priceless.

But sometimes you’ve gotta take a leap and follow your gut.

So what’s next?

In the short term, I’m available for independent consulting.

I’ve set up a simple page explaining the types of projects I can help with as well as my rates and availability.

In short, I’m available to start a new project on September 14.

If you have a project you want to talk to me about, read that short consulting page then shoot me an email: henrik@joreteg.com.

What about the long term?

If you know me, you know I’ve always got a few things in the hopper. For one, there’s this:

Additionally, this hints at another, still somewhat vague idea I’ve started working on:

More on all that in the future. Till next post… see ya on the interwebz. Questions? Email me or ping me, @HenrikJoreteg on twitter.