Henrik speaking at a conference

Hi, I’m Henrik Joreteg

Mobile web consultant, developer, and speaker

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Your Online Reputation

If someone “Googles” your name what will they learn about you? And…do you have any control over what they see?

You may have more control than you realize.

When I Google “Henrik Joreteg” my professional profile on LinkedIn.com is the first search result. This includes all the professional details about me. It’s a lot like posting your resume. There are also references and recommendations that add credibility to what is written in my profile and there are links to my business (HouseFLIX.com) and to this blog.

This blog happens to be the second Google search result which will again, hopefully give a better view of who I am and serve to further increase my credibility.

By publishing a blog and posting a profile on LinkedIn you can dramatically increase the quality and accuracy of information that is available about you on the Internet.